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Chinese suppliers have enhanced the performance of the micro switch to improve competitiveness. Rising demand from traditional markets and emerging markets is expected in the coming months to stimulate the development of such products. Although China's micro switch products are still getting entry-level and mid-range products, but some companies are launching more models with high electrical and mechanical performance and added value to the high-end market forward.

The current R & D work is mainly to improve the durability of the product, improve the rated current and voltage, reduce the operating force and extend the product life. In terms of product life cycles, are generally higher than 1000000, the enterprise's goal is to increase to 200 to 3000000 times. Huizhou crown Thai Electronics Co., Ltd. G5 series of control force can be as low as 15gf, rated current up to 26A, suitable for high power devices.

At the same time, these manufacturers are improving the product's waterproof, explosion-proof, dust and high temperature resistance, and the use of metal sealing. In particular, Shenzhen Xing Yi Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. also launched a LED display with the switch, you can demonstrate animation and other effects.

In addition, the Chinese suppliers are also improving the production of surface mount type (SMD) products, this type of switch is suitable for compact design, more and more micro electronic products and portable products. At present this kind of switch accounts for the majority of manufacturers 10-20%. Provide competitive prices, is the local enterprises to compete with foreign manufacturers of another strategy. For example, for the same structure and specifications of the product, the Huizhou crown Thai product price is cheaper than the German supplier of 30%.

Micro switch industry is highly competitive, Honeywell (Honeywell), OMRON (Omron), Alps and Burgess and other overseas manufacturers in the high-end market share advantage. Still, local businesses are full of confidence in the coming months. For example, the crown of Huizhou is expected to grow by 50% this year, to maintain the growth rate in 2010. Yueqing Sanxiong Electric Co. is expected, its export revenue and shipments will exceed last year's level. In order to cope with the growth of the situation, manufacturers have to purchase new automatic equipment and increase foreign trade personnel.

China popular
Products are widely used, so that China's micro switch industry to maintain strong vitality. Although the touch panel is increasingly popular in the computer field, but other areas continue to bring orders for the micro switch industry. The product is the most commonly used in household and commercial appliances, such as oven, washing machine and automatic vending machine, water heater, game controllers and shredder.

In addition, the micro switch is also integrated into the sprinkler, plumbing system, industrial equipment and some PC and peripherals. Aviation and automobile industry of the product is also very interested in aircraft, aircraft, tanks, turnstiles and an electronic parking brake actuator are the main application.
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