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What Are Micro Switches Used For

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Before getting the best from a micro switch, it is important you understand what it can actually be used for. In other words, it is crucial to know what these electrical switches have been designed to accomplish. This is probably where most people get it wrong as they don’t even know what micro switches are meant for. If you are building an electrical project, lacking knowledge in such aspect can prove costly. This is because you may not know how to put such electrical switches to good use in your projects. 

The truth about micro switches is the fact that their uses are growing by the day. This means that people are discovering the fact that they can be put to various uses especially in electrical devices. The reason for this is how effective they can prove to be once used in such projects. For instance, apart from being highly affordable, they have been discovered to be very reliable once included in electrical devices. 

In case you are wondering what micro switches can be used for, there is no need for such as this post will be helping you out today. It will be revealing some of the various ways that micro switches can be put to effective use. After checking out these facts, you will notice that most electrical devices have micro switches as their components. 


Fact you should know

Before trying to explain how micro switches are being made use of, it is very important you know some vital facts. For instance, they are being used in not just industrial appliances but also home devices. This post will be looking at both categories of micro switches. You will definitely understand how to put a micro switch to effective use after checking out some of its uses below.  

Alarm devices

Do you have a push button alarm around your home? Are you aware that most of such devices have micro switches included in them for proper functioning? This is one of the reasons why these electrical switches have become very popular in recent times. They could be used in fire alarms, emergency door releases, emergency stop controls and others. Through these switches, it becomes easy for the alarms to be activated within such systems. 

For instance, the micro switches are included in the form of buttons. They only need to get pressed for the security alarms to be activated. The best part about micro switches being included in alarm systems is that they are proving to be very effective. 

Security devices

This is another popular use of micro switch which most people are yet to understand. Micro switches are beginning to form an integral part of most security systems around the world. They are included in control panels, card readers and even infrared. Once these devices get moved, the micro switch will automatically become activated. If the alarm trigger is damaged, it will also be activated. 

In case you are considering the option of building an electrical device for homes, including micro switch as one of its components won’t be a bad idea. It is basically all about understanding how it will work within such device to make it function as expected. 

For instance, they are usually included in surveillance cameras to function as turning device. In this case, micro switches become activated whenever the turning device gets to its highest motion point. Through the inclusion of a micro switch, surveillance cameras will be moving as expected. 

Washing machines

Everyone understands that washing machines can be automatically turned off and on whenever possible. However, what most people don’t know is that micro switches play an important role in such feature. Through these electrical switches, the switching power in washing machines can be easily detected. They can also ensure filter as well as angle of drums are properly checked. It is the control panel which makes the doors of these machines to open and close. 

Micro switches have the function of checking whether they are really closed or opened. They also carry out the function of determining the level of water in washing machines. All of these point to one single fact. This has to with micro switches being designed to enable washing machines work properly. 


Do you know that micro switches are made use of in refrigerators? What about the water dispensers people make use of in their homes? Without micro switches, these devices won’t function properly. This is because they have the role of detecting whether ice makers are correctly positioned or not. 

A recent study carried out showed that researchers/experts are looking for how to increase its functions within refrigerators. That is to say, micro switches will carry out functions which go beyond such detection in the nearest future. With these devices, it is safe to conclude that technology just got much better than before.  

Microwave Ovens 

Micro ovens are present in 97% of homes in developed countries. However, most people don’t even know how they have been built to function. Without micro switches, these devices will struggle to deliver as expected. For instance, before your micro wave will start working optimally, the doors need to be closed properly. 

Once this doesn’t happen, you will be notified. The system responsible for such notification is helped out by a micro switch. It is the micro switch which detects whether the cover is opened or closed. This is the same with rice cookers where micro switches are being used to carry out the function of control panel switches. 


Based on the above details, it is very obvious that micro switches have lots of uses they can be put to. In case you are handling a project but don’t know how micro switches can be included, it won’t be a bad idea looking at similar things other people have created in the past using these switches. They are very powerful and can make the difference in your electrical projects especially once used the right way. 

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